First of all I want to research more about showreels and how to create a nice and professional showreel. I check a lot of creative blogs and found nice tips for creating a good and strong portfolio. I will follow this simple steps and I think that will make my showreel much better.

02. Keep it short

It’s worth considering showreel duration from a studio’s perspective. They’re likely to receive unsolicited reels on a regular basis, and endure an avalanche every time a position does actually become available. Creating a reel that outstays its welcome is not a good way to gain their attention.

03. Start and end well

Neil Gallagher, senior lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire, suggests opening with your best work and then, just to ensure you don’t begin with a bang and end with a whimper, close with your second-best piece. Beyond that, if your third-favourite piece does in any way look second-rate, you might want to consider whether it really belongs on the reel at all.

07. Show your workings

What you’ve created speaks for itself to an extent, but people will want to know how you did it too. “Provide a shot breakdown, showing what your contribution was and the software used,” says Patricia Kung. “If you’re applying for a technical role, it shows you have a good creative eye too.”

You can check the rest of the article here.

There was a couple of videos with a lot of advises and information which will help me with my showreel.

Showreel ideas


One of my hobbies before university was filming and film editing. I have a couple of shots taken in my free time but for sure I will need more of them for the final piece so I was looking for some strong ideas.

This are some ideas that I explore during my research. This two videos are really nice and created from professional artists. This type of videos are real inspiration for me. I can take a lot of ideas from this videos and will think about it.

This showreel is based on some production filming. I am really interested in that type of videography and in the last couple of weeks I researched a lot about it. Nice lighting, nice timing, creative ideas and the most important thing nice music and timing.

3D animation

As a 3D showreel I am new in that area. To be honest my inspiration about that I my brother he is a professional motion graphic designer based in London,UK. All of my interest about 3D are from him. This is why I want to explore more about this world.

Here are some interesting showreels from professional artists around the world. In the ideas below you can see a lot of hard work and experience during the years. Animations are unreal also the idea behind the videos really interesting. Actually those are people with many years in that area so I will start with more basic animations but it is good because this type if artists are inspiring me and pushing me forward to upgrade my knowledge.


As a developing I choose Adobe Premier for creating the video. I used some of mine previous videos but about 3d Animation I created a new ones. Most of the 3D animation was made into Cinema 4D and rendered with the stander render. Into the program I created a background with soft light. Here my study about lighting was helpful and also i checked that article to be sure everything is okay.

After that I put everything into premier pro but I had some problems with resolution because the video resolution should be 1080×1080 but all of my shots was 1920×1080 it was really hard to decided how to do it and which part to cut. Anyway I done it after that selected the music which was again hard but at the end i selected the best thing for my real.

Short Bio

Also i type a short 100 words bio which will be posted under my video into the Creative Crunch website.

“Stefan is a creative student based in the UK. His knowledge is based on 3D Animation, Videography, Photography, and Graphic design. He wants to learn and gain more experience and make his ideas into reality. Stefan has some experience in Facebook ads design and logo design for big companies. His mindset helping him to create new interesting, creative, and high-quality content. Stefan has knowledge and experience with Adobe Creative Suite alongside 3D software such as Cinema 4D, Blender, and Maya. He is always looking for opportunities to improve himself in every aspect. ”

You can check our Creative Crunch page here.

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